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Madeline and the Gypsies
by Ludwig Bemelmans, author; Barry Kornhauser, playwright; Michael Koerner, composer

Directed by: Joe Chapa
Musical Director: Amy Wyatt
Stage Manager: Nicole Reidel

Synopsis: This musical adaptation captures all the magic of Ludwig Bemelmans’ beloved 1959 book.   When the irrepressible Madeline and her friend, Pepito, get lost during a visit to the carnival and end up being carried away by carnival folk, their rousing adventures with a traveling circus begin!

Check out our Cast in our rehearsal & Promotional Video !

We proudly announce the CAST:

Madeline - Meredith Reilly
Miss Clavel - Alicia Underwood
 Pepito - Luke Boyce
Gypsy Mama - Katelyn Branson
 Pepito’s Servant - Kristina Metz

Strongman - Michael Magnus
Clown - Savannah Dodd
 Clementine - Payten Boyd
Chloe - Megan Magill
Danielle - Faith Stalzer
Nicole - Kiley Parks
Nona - Jena Jackson
Lulu - Katy Darwin
Anne - Avery Anne Withers
Monique - Sydney Dotson
Sylvie - Bethany Parrish
Simone - Sara Jackson
Yvette - Bethany Darwin

Gypsies/Circus Dancers/
Performers/Acrobats/Animals -
Randi Bivens, Alyssa Peters , Lily Rand, Josie Jennings, Dani Carpenter, Claire Thompson, Stephanie Metz, Stephanie Thompson, Jennie Jackson, Richard Metz, Michelle Parks, Elizabeth Burks, Kaye Boyd

Taxi Driver / Train Engineer-Rob Darwin 

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